Effort to fight Covid Mandate

Experts are saying that the Covid-19 shots are not working on the Omicron variant, but the federal government is still bribing Missouri schools to push the shots on kids 5 to 11 years old.

$1,900,000,000 ($1.9 Billion) worth of bribes!

To see how much the feds are bribing your local schools, download this document, assembled from pages on the Missouri Department of Secondary Education’s (DESE) website: http://mofirst.org/issues/docs/Federal-Vaccine-Incentives.pdf

Just to give you an idea: Columbia: $23,556,677; Fulton: $3,738,871; Sullivan: $3,447,882; Strafford RVI: $2,068,529; Lee’s Summit R-VII: $10,065,188

Included in that PDF is a joint letter from the federal Department of Health and Human Services and federal Department of Education. It says they want your school to set up a vaccine clinic and bribe the children with things like “a new tablet,” “reasonable cash awards,” “college scholarship money,” and “new school supplies.”

This is an unprecedented effort to push a vaccine, and it’s only a matter of time before the Covid vaccine will be added to the list of mandated vaccines for school attendance.

Right now, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services can unilaterally add vaccines to the mandated list by merely promulgating a rule. If they claim it’s an emergency rule, they can do it in just days.

HB 2009 would change that by creating legislative oversight of all childhood vaccine requirements.  Unaccountable DHSS bureaucrats will no longer be able to make an end run around the legislature. That means with HB 2009 average citizens will have an opportunity to influence the process.

For an Executive Summary of the bill, go here: http://www.mofirst.org/issues/vac/HB2009-Executive-Summary.pdf


The Speaker of the House needs to assign HB 2009 to a committee before it can go anywhere, but the bill has been passed over.

Call and email Speaker Rob Vescovo and politely ask him to assign HB 2009 to the Downsizing State Government Committee before the end of the day, Monday.

Office: 573-751-3607


As of this writing, there are 25 cosponsors of HB 2009. That’s way more than any other bill, but we need many more.

Check this list of representatives who have not yet cosponsored HB 2009.  If your rep, or one you know, is on that list, call and email them and ask them to cosponsor HB 2009 ASAP. They can do it remotely, from home.


You can follow up and see if they honored your request by clicking <here>.

And please check your email for updates regularly during the legislative session.

Notice courtesy of Ron Calzone with MOFirst.org