Gun Rights HB 1833 Hearing

HB 1833 which affects concealed carry permits is scheduled for a hearing February 22, 2022.

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In a nutshell, the need for this bill has largely arisen out of the tendency to make all sorts of things felonies, even when some wrongdoing was either victimless or was not violent in any way, and then the law-enforcement tactic of pressuring a suspect into entering a plea deal.

One of the prohibitions / disqualifications found in RSMo 571.101 works to prevent a person from getting a CCW even though that person was never been convicted of the crime with which he was charged.

HEARING DETAILS (check the Hearing Schedule for changes before making a trip to the Capitol)

Special Committee on Government Oversight
Date: 2/22/2022 Time: 12:00PM Location: House Hearing Room 5

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Information courtesy of Ron Calzone