Missouri Redistricting U.S. Congressional Seats

Missouri is in the process of drawing new districts for our 8 congressional representatives. This happens across the nation every 10 years, following the completion of the United States census.

Nationally, even though Republicans went into the redistricting cycle with control over drawing more districts, it is actually Democrats who have gained ground from the redistricting process so far.

Redistricting has, at this point, created eleven more Democratic-leaning seats nationally and three fewer Republican-leaning seats. This is due in large part to extremely aggressive map-drawing by Democrats in states like New York. 

In Missouri, congressional districts are drawn by the state legislature and signed into law by the governor. With a Republican majority in the legislature and a Republican governor, Republicans essentially have full control of the congressional redistricting process. 

But even with all that, the RINO Republican leadership in the state Senate hasn’t been motivated to do much more than keep the status quo — some version or another of a 6-2 map, which, arguably, would eventually become a 5-3 map. 

Conservatives with a spine like Senator Bob Onder and Senator Mike Moon, on the other hand, are standing up in the state Senate for a 7-1 map, and filibustering against the 6-2 proposals. They are taking some serious heat for it, along with slander and sleep deprivation. 

For now, the redistricting is being “paused” which may actually mean “we don’t want to publicly talk about this right now”. Be sure to find out where your Senator stands and let them know where you stand. After all, THEY REPRESENT US.

KSMU has an article they continue to update regarding the redistricting.

Here are the current district maps. Look up your legislator and click on their photo to contact them. Listen to live audio during senate hearings.