Missouri SAPA update

Update courtesy Ron Calzone

There are now three lawsuits challenging the Missouri Second Amendment Preservation Act, including a new one by the U.S. Department of Justice. 

To my knowledge, no other state’s so-called SAPA law is being challenged in court. There’s a reason for that — MO SAPA is the only one that really protects gun rights.

The good news is, none of the three lawsuits are much of a long-term threat.  The first one is waiting on a Missouri Supreme Court ruling.  Rulings come out on Tuesdays, and you can watch for them here: https://www.courts.mo.gov/page.jsp?id=12086&dist=Opinions%20Supreme

The DOJ is not apparently optimistic that they will prevail in the Missouri Supreme Court, so they filed their lawsuit in federal court.  Judges for the trial phase are drawn somewhat randomly, and we got the same federal judge that initially ruled against me when I sued the Missouri Ethics Commission over their claim that I had to register as a lobbyist.  Of course, she was ultimately reversed in a landmark en banc opinion by the U.S. Eighth Circuit, so don’t despair if we lose the first round.

Here are two great sources for more on the legal challenge.  First Dave Roland, of the Freedom Center of Missouri, and original author of SAPA, was on the massively popular Tom Woods Show podcast yesterday.  Listen to the 30 minute interview here:  https://tomwoods.com/ep-2073-feds-move-against-state-on-guns-state-holds-ground/

And the great Reason Magazine published a piece on the DOJ lawsuit here: https://reason.com/volokh/2022/02/18/biden-administration-files-dubious-lawsuit-challenging-missouris-gun-sanctuary-law/

In liberty,
– Ron