Gas Tax Hike

In 2021, the Missouri legislature voted to increase gas taxes incrementally over the next 5 years. The bill — SB 262, sponsored by Senator Schatz, was passed on May 11, 2021 by a vote of 104 to 52. In case you were wondering how your Senator did, here is the voting record:

On motion of Representative Ruth, SS#2 SCS SB 262, was truly agreed to and finally
passed by the following vote:

AYES: 104
Adams Aldridge Anderson Andrews Appelbaum Atchison Aune

Bangert Baringer Barnes Basye Billington Black (137) Black (7) Bland Manlove Bosley Bromley Brown (16) Brown (27) Brown (70) Buchheit-Courtway Burger Burnett Burton Busick Butz

Clemens Collins

Derges Dogan Doll

Ellebracht Evans

Falkner Fishel Fogle Francis

Gregory (51) Griesheimer Griffith Gunby

Haden Hannegan Hicks Houx Hovis Hurlbert



Kalberloh Kidd Knight

Lewis (25) Lewis (6)

Mackey McCreery McGaugh McGirl Merideth Morse Mosley


O’Donnell Owen

Patterson Person Phifer Pike Plocher Porter Price IV Proudie


Railsback Reedy Riggs Roberts Rogers Rone Rowland Ruth

Sassmann Sharp (36) Sharpe (4) Shields Smith (155) Smith (45) Smith (67) Stephens (128) Stevens (46)

Tate Taylor (48) Terry Thompson Turnbaugh


Van Schoiack Veit

Wallingford Walsh-Moore (93) Weber Windham Wright


NOES: 052
Baker Boggs

Chipman Christofanelli Coleman (32) Coleman (97) Cook

Davidson Davis Deaton DeGroot Dinkins



Gregory (96) Grier

Haffner Haley Hardwick Henderson Hill Hudson

Kelley (127) Kelly (141)


Mayhew McDaniel Murphy

Perkins Pietzman Pollitt (52) Pollock (123) Pouche

Richey Riley Roden

Sander Schroer Schwadron Seitz Shaul Simmons Smith (163) Stacy

Taylor (139) Thomas Toalson-Reisch Trent

Walsh (50) West Wiemann

and… Mr. Speaker