Is your Republican representative really who they say they are?

In our state:

Republicans hold a 24 to 10 advantage in the Missouri Senate.
Republicans hold a 114 to 48 advantage in the Missouri House of Representatives.

Missouri “Republicans” have recently announced they intend to destroy our state by pushing ranked-choice voting.  This corrupt voting scheme, endorsed by Democrats and so-called “GOP donors” ensures that Democrats are victorious in all future elections in Missouri.
Missouri “Republicans” are also working on a map that hands Democrats 2 seats and possibly 3 seats in future congressional elections.

How do you know if your “Republican” representative is actually representing you? Check their voting record! Voting records are public and you can check out your Representative and Senator by going to the Missouri House and Senate webpages, and searching for a specific bill. Once you’ve located the bill of interest, check the activity description and click on any activities where a vote was taken. You will see who voted and what they voted.